Lay me low

11 03 2008

There’s a lurgy going around the ‘vegas and it’s come to visit at my place. It’s all grated apples, plain rice and weak black tea around here at the moment. The lurgy is mostly under control and limited to making my stomach feel like I slipped some razorblades into my plain rice (mmm, steely). I haven’t eaten anything much since Saturday, which doesn’t sound like so long ago to you, but that’s most likely because you’ve eaten since then. I’m so hungry I could eat my entire fridge, but then I’d get the razorblade thing again. Vicious cycle.

But that’s ok, because in general, kids, life is sweet.

My gorgeous Miff came for a visit on the weekend and took me out for cosmopolitans and Turkish food. The drinks cost more than dinner because neither of us was very hungry – even though I hadn’t really eaten all day (looking back it’s because I was starting to get sick) (although that’s probably also me trying to excuse my fairly spectacular drunkenness later in the evening and corresponding extreme hangover the next day).

I’ve been thinking about activation energy. It’s one of my favourite concepts. In a chemical reaction, there’s a little energy speed bump to be overcome before the reaction can go ahead. I like it because I like the idea of catalysts, which basically make the speed bump lower, and there are parallels outside of chemistry in all sorts of things. Like relationships between people.

Before you write that off as a product of my glucose-starved brain, let me give you an example. Meeting a stranger, and meeting the friend of a friend. The difference is that your mutual friend is a catalyst, lowering the activation energy for friendship. It’s not a very radical idea, but I was reminded of it when I introduced Miff and MsG over drinks.

That’s all I got. I’m going to go and concentrate on not throwing up now. Thanks for your time.

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One response

12 03 2008

ahhh!!! I wondered where you had got to on Sunday… I hope the lurgy leaves you alone soon :-) BTW… your biscuits were a bit hit in the tea-room

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